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We are Sheep Free.

We are a new, independent UK-based creative company.  Our mission is to make the kind of TV programmes that you never saw coming, but then realised you'd always wanted to see.

We comprise a guy who works at a DIY shop and makes Lego animations, an accountant who doesn't believe in the letter H, and a carer for disabled adults who is also a self-taught pianist - despite our very different backgrounds and occupations, we're brought together by our interest in the creative arts and our desire to tell stories on screen.

Our first project was a drama-comedy series called Unbelievers.  We've filmed a pilot version of Episode 1 and written several further instalments, and we're in the process of seeking backing from an established production company or a commercial broadcaster to produce the full series.

Our second published project is a web-based comedy mini-series, following the bumbling character George Green, who first appeared in Unbelievers.  We might have got slightly carried away imagining what he might get up to when he's not busy being involved in the main plot...

If you'd like to contact Sheep Free Productions, then you can do so by emailing us at